The E-Bonded platform provides a financed client with on-line access to a debtor protection system, where the client can manage all aspects of the service including applying for limits, overdue reporting and claims, alternatively this can be done by the lender.

It includes an on-line quotation service which allows Lenders to provide terms to new prospects or existing clients.

Limit requests are processed automatically (usually within 10 seconds). However, if an underwriter is required to review a limit request, it is usually processed within 24 hours. If a limit can only be partially given or not given at all the response will include a full written explanation.

The system has a complete audit trail from quotation stage through to live clients and allows lenders to have a complete overview of their clients, with real-time visibility. This allows risks to be identified and managed. It includes built in alerts and management information.

Every user has their own secure login and a lender can choose user security levels.

The platform is white-labelled and designed around the financier’s branding needs.

Integration into a receivable finance system is possible, but dependant on the system itself.

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