Protect your business against credit risks from both UK and overseas debtors, insolvency and protracted default.

Working with AIG through The CI Group Limited’s unique E-Bonded platform. Our insurance package can be tailored to your exact requirements with no annual commitment.

Risk Management

In the UK and overseas a significant amount of business to business sales are conducted on open credit terms. Open credit offered to customers can sit on a balance sheet as one of the largest assets, however, unlike other assets such as machinery, equipment and property, the debtor book may not be as easy to recover if things go wrong and is often the one thing that is uninsured!

Even if you trade with a large “reliable business” considered “too big to fail” it is not always a guarantee that you will get paid. Many high street and well known businesses fail owing significant sums to their trade creditors. Should this happen to you, it could have a serious impact on your cash flow and also the ultimate success of your business.

Confidence, Security, Opportunity, Growth

In these circumstances, knowing that your debtor book and business is protected can give you the security you need to continue running it successfully. What’s more, it can also give you the confidence to develop and grow your business, ensuring that it not only survives but that it positively thrives.

The Solution

The Debtor Insurance policy can cover your business against those credit risks. Not only does it cover domestic but overseas debtors.

The insurance is provided and underwritten by American International Group UK Limited through The CI Group Limited’s unique E-Bonded platform and has no annual tie in.

Service & Support

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

You have the backing of a dedicated debtor insurance team and pro-active service management


Our service plans are tailored to suit your individual business needs

Review, Refine
Review, Refine

We review your policy annually (as a minimum) to refine and improve your offering

Are You Eligible?

We can offer our Debtor Insurance services to companies that sell on:

  • A business to business basis

  • Unsecured credit terms

  • Anticipated turnover of £500,000 or more per annum

  • Has More than one customer

Significant Exclusions, Limitations & Restrictions

  • Cash, pro forma or consumer credit sales
  • Sales to government buyers
  • Sales to associated companies or a company where you have a shareholding or financial interest
  • Sales made on a consignment stock basis
  • Pay when Paid transactions
  • Retentions
  • Non-certified application for payments
  • Disputed invoices

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