The CI Group Limited has a strong customer focus. Our mission is to treat all customers fairly. We strive to treat others how we wish to be treated through good morals and ethical business practices, and to ensure this ethos is inherent in The CI Group Limited’s culture.

The CI Group Limited management requires all staff to apply the principles of TCF in their work irrespective of their role.

This is achieved through

  • Ensuring all The CI Group Limited employees are trained to a high level through a formal Training & Competency Scheme

  • Obtaining a good understanding of all our customers’ needs and requirements

  • Educating our employees to understand their obligations towards our customers

  • Providing our customers with products that perform as we have led them to expect, and any associated services to an acceptable standard

  • Being open and clear in all our dealings with our customer

  • Understanding our marketplace and using this knowledge to benefit our customers

  • Putting in place and operating internal controls to police these principles

  • Dealing with complaints in accordance with regulatory rules and guideline


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